How Important Is My Roof And Does It Affect The Value Of My House?

We all know that the roof is an important part of our house. However, have you taken time to appreciate fully the important role your roof plays in as far as keeping your house an actual house? Herein, we will explore some top reasons to appreciate your roof that much more.

So, How Important Is My Roof?

1. It Plays A Role In Determining The Energy Bill You Pay Every Month

The roof is first in line in protecting the house from solar radiation. Given that it is virtually exposed to solar radiation all day during the warm months, the roofing structure and system should be able to protect the entire house from solar radiation. Estimate place the energy loss from the roof at 50%. It is for this reason that a roof should be insulated properly.

A properly insulated roof aids in reducing the cooling and heating needs of your house. Eventually, this reduces the energy bill substantially. Importantly, it reduces your carbon footprint, aiding in combating global warming.

2. It Protects The Entire House From The Outside And Inside Elements

We all know that the roof protects the entire home from the elements. Typically, a roof will brave Mother Nature’s elements including wind, rain, snow, and hail. If the roofing system is breached and the inter-layers are exposed to outside elements like rain, the roof will deteriorate very fast from all the roof damage it suffers.

However, what people do not realize is that the roof will also protect the entire structure that is your house from the humidity and the heat generated inside your home. To this end, roofs are designed to be insulated from the outside elements but ventilated to allow heat and humidity generated inside the house to escape. Protecting your home from the internal heat and humidity is just as important as protecting your home from the external elements.

3. It Plays A Huge Role In The Burb Appeal Of Your House

The aesthetics of your house begin right from the outside. You may have an aesthetically pleasing interior décor and a stunning color scheme on your outside walls, but if your roof is tainted, you can expect the entire house to look revolting.

Having a roof with black algae streaks, faded shingles, and clogged gutters will negatively affect the aesthetics of the entire home and could potentially be unsafe. As such, the curb appeal of your home is directly related to the aesthetics of your roof.

Does The Roof Affect The Value Of My Home?

In a nutshell, yes, it does. Given that the roof is an integral part of your home, it easily influences positively or negatively the value of a home. When homeowners are searching for a new home, the roof is definitely something they are going to consider when negotiating the price. An average roof costs about $7200 so if the roof is outdated and only had a few good years left, they may want a credit at closing or a deduction on the purchase price, that will come out of your pocket.

In addition to the roofing cost itself, the roofing system directly influences the value of your home based on:

Its Energy Efficiency

As mentioned above, research has shown that the roof is responsible for as much as 50% of the energy loss in a typical home. This means that as much as you insulate other parts of the house, without insulating the roof properly, your efforts are of little benefit. You will still spend a lot of energy on cooling and heating your home, leading to high energy bills. Conversely, if your roof is insulated properly, you do away with a lot of the domestic energy waste. You reduce the amount of money you spend on energy.

With the above in mind, when conducting a valuation, a house that is more energy-efficient is far more valuable to buyers. As such, having an energy-efficient roof that reigns in on energy consumption will increase the value of your home.

Its Structural Integrity

The structural integrity of the roof is very important. Given that roof replacement is a very expensive endeavor, having a roof that is structurally sound, and, therefore, requiring little to no intensive work will increase the value of your home. A home buyer will show less interest in a house whose roof will need replacing in a few years.

Its Curb Appeal

Finally, as mentioned above, the aesthetics of your roof influences the overall curb appeal. An energy-efficient house, with a structurally sound roof, and beautiful looking has more value than a home whose curb appeal is suspect. A new roof goes a long way in regards to the curb appeal and can increase the overall home value. As a real estate investor, when we buy houses, we’re always considering the lifespan of the roof and often replace it because of the longevity and peace of mind it provides to the new owner.

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