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Being a realtor can be a stressful job and the hours aren’t exactly fun either. Nobody wants to be interrupted during dinner but the fact is, more home buyers are trying to buy and sell homes AFTER regular business hours. That means more afterhours for you as well.

If you are a local real estate agent and would like to explore your options, keep reading.

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  • We're happy to work with realtors that are just starting out or have been in the business for 10+ years.
  • Example: 200k ARV x .70 = 140k - 50k rehab = 90k = our offer


How We Make

Your Life Easier


Setting yourself apart from in the real estate niche isn’t exactly easy. You may be part of a real estate team but you likely don’t have to leave your office to see other agents that you could consider “competitors”.

The advantage of working with us is we are consistently marketing to find new properties. Some we buy off-market and others the investment numbers won’t work out and the house will need to be sold on the MLS. These are excellent opportunities we pass onto our realtors to become the listing agent.


Most families only buy 1 or 2 houses in their lifetime. Buying distressed properties is our BUSINESS. We make many offers and buy multiple properties per year. We are a repeat buyer that will help you grow your sales.


Our company specializes in buying homes that are in disrepair. Most retail buyers wouldn’t even THINK of stepping into the homes we buy, let alone purchase them. We buy houses as-is, in any condition, without any repairs or fixes required. Simple, easy, hassle-free transactions.

Distressed properties can be extremely lucrative for your business. Not only can you help us purchase the property on the buying side, but we’ll also use you as OUR listing agent AFTER we have completed our renovations at full market value.

This is a WIN-WIN-WIN for all parties involved in this transaction.

your team, your trust


“If it isn’t a win-win for all parties, there is no deal”

We pride ourselves ensuring we find the best situation for both us and our agents. The relationships we build a mutually beneficial. All parties involve get what they want out of it, whether that’s more or less time, and more or less money. We’re constantly striving to reach our goal and want to help you reach yours.

Alex Furfaro


Close Quickly

As a company that routinely buys properties, time is of the essence. We do our due diligence, analyze the property, and make offers. If the numbers don’t work, we’ll walk away. If they do work, we buy with cash and close typically within 14 days.

Multiple Financing Options

Not only can we close with cash but we can use multiple financing strategies. This allows us to give sellers the best value for their property while working within our investment strategy.

We’re looking for more realtors to help out our real estate investment team. Please reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to see how we are able to work together with you to reach your goals!

Recrafted Real Estate

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