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Mission Statement

Homes are a fundamental building block of a good life. It keeps our loved ones safe and it’s the place where we create countless memories with our children. Our goal is to best help you and your family like we would help our own.

Every neighborhood we work in, our goal is always to leave it better than when we arrived. We revitalize neighborhoods and bring the quality of living standards up for everyone. We hire local professionals to provide jobs in the area and we give back to local food banks and charities.

Recrafted Real Estate is committed to excellence by serving our family of clients with the utmost respect and care. We respond quickly and put your needs first. Our reputation and integrity supersede all and you can expect only the best working with us.

Meet Alex

This is an image of Alex Furfaro, a manager of Recrafted Real Estate,

Meet Ashley

This is an image of Ashley Hutton, a manager of Recrafted Real Estate

Education Moves Us Forward

Recrafted Real Estate is a premier real estate solutions specialist who helps homeowners. We constantly strive for success by educating ourselves and implementing the best strategies in our business. We directly pass on those advantages to you, the people we serve, to help you and your family get to your next desination.

National Network of Investors

Our knowledge of the business, past experiences, and network of real estate professionals around the country allows us to accommodate homeowners in all types of scenarios. No matter the circumstances, if you are in need of a home or have one to sell, give us a call and we’ll devise a custom plan of action to best fit your situation.

Working to find a Solution

Our company is unique in that we are both realtors and redevelopers. We have to ablitity to understand both sides of the equation and that’s why we’re a great fit for you.

  1. We understand you want to get the most out of your property.
  2. We also understand the length at which it takes to renovate a home

That’s why we provide our sellers with multiple options.

  1. List your house in it’s current state
  2. Sell it to us directly
  3. Sell it to us using a creative strategy

Additionally, we have the advantage to sell our beautifully renovated homes back directly to consumers. Our homes are move-in ready and allow homeowners the peace of mind when purchasing, knowing the TLC has been inspected by the City and completed properly by professionals.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or looking to move into a new neighborhood, we can help find the home for you. Be sure to review our inventory of current projects and get notified when these are completed and up for sale. If we do not have a home for you and you are ready to purchase, we can get you in touch with one of our licensed real estate agents to help you find your dream home.


“There’s nothing more

gratifying than helping

out families in their

time of need.”

Ashley Hutton


Get a Response Within 24 Business Hours

Being Responsive and Responsible is important to us. We take many meetings and phone calls everyday and sometimes we are unable to answer. Always leave us a message and we’ll call you within 24 hours.


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