Best Master Bathroom Features To Sell A House Quickly

Bathrooms are one of the best rooms to upgrade if you’re trying to sell a house. Of course, if you’re going to be renovating your bathroom, you’ll want to make sure you include some sought-after features. These are a few of the features that buyers look for when they’re checking out homes.

Double Sink Vanities

There’s nothing more annoying in the morning when you and your significant other are both trying to get ready in your bathroom, bumping into each other trying to brush teeth and such. One thing you should plan for in your master bedroom is to install his and hers double vanity with two sinks. It allows both of you to get ready as needed without having to trade back and forth, she can put her make up on without interruption, and a happy wife is a happy life. She’ll appreciate it.

Spa Showers

Showering is something that people have to do on a daily basis. That’s why it can be beneficial to turn the shower into a luxurious getaway. Spa shows are a huge draw, and they’re absolutely something that can sell a house. From rainfall showers to showers with dual showerheads, you’ll have tons of options if you decide to add a premium shower to a bathroom.

A shower like this can absolutely be an investment, but you should see a return on the money you spend. A lot of homebuyers don’t want to settle for a shower that’s just okay. They want their shower to be a place of relaxation.

Underfloor Heating

Tile floors are standard in bathrooms. Unfortunately, placing your feet on freezing cold tile floors very unpleasant. There’s an effective solution to this problem: underfloor heating. If buyers see or, better yet, feel that your bathroom has underfloor heating, they’ll be very impressed.

You’ll get more mileage out of a feature like this if you live in an area with colder weather. People in Florida might not be willing to pay more to live in a home that has underfloor heating, but Ohio home buyers will really appreciate the extra heat and comfort that floors like this can provide.

Master Bathroom Massaging Jet Spa TubLarge Spa Bathtubs

Some people like to relax in the tub after a long day. While it’s possible to do this in a standard-sized bathtub, it’s a lot easier to relax in a tub that’s oversized and if it has the spa massaging jets, you might want to add a wine fridge too for some serious relaxation. There are many buyers who like having the option of both a shower and a tub, one for quick convenience and the other for relaxing, so this is definitely a feature not to skip out on when designing and renovating your master bedroom.

Ample Lighting

The bathroom is where people typically get ready each day. A lack of lighting can make it tricky to apply makeup and overall clean up nice. That’s why you’ll want to put a lot of thought into the type of lighting your bathroom uses. You should make sure that you have plenty of lighting around your bathroom mirrors. You may also want to offer lighting options so that people can adjust the bathroom lighting to their preferences.

Extensive Storage Space

A cramped bathroom with limited storage space can be difficult to live with. If your bathroom doesn’t provide a lot of storage, buyers might want to look elsewhere. If you add cabinets, drawers, and other types of built-in storage space, people will be impressed with your bathroom.

If you have the room to add an additional linen closet to your bathroom, you might want to consider making an upgrade like this. There are so many items that need to be stored in the bathroom. Buyers will be pleased to see that your bathroom has enough space for everything that they need to store.

Beautiful Bathroom Cabinetry

If you’re going to be adding new cabinets to your bathroom, you’ll want to put an emphasis on quality. The cabinetry that you choose is going to have a big impact on the overall look and feel on your bathroom.

If you can’t afford to add new cabinets right now, you may want to work to improve the cabinets that you already have. For example, you could repaint your cabinets, or you could add new cabinet hardware. You should make sure that all of your bathroom cabinetry looks great.

If you’re going to be upgrading your bathroom before you sell your home on the market, you’re going to want to look at some of the best bathroom features to sell a house. If you make the right upgrades, your house will be off the market before you know it.

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