Best Kitchen Sizzle Features To WOW Potential Buyers and Sell your Home FAST

If you’re going to be selling your home soon and you’re going to be making some upgrades, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at your kitchen. Kitchens Sell Houses Fast!

Add some sizzle features to this room and you’ll really be able to impress buyers. Kitchens are a top priority for a lot of buyers, and kitchen upgrades could wind up boosting the value of your home.

Wine Fridge

If your looking for a classy feature that’ll appeal to a more sophisticated, high-end buyer, then look no further than a wine fridge. Between the convenience of always having cold beverages AND the reductions of clutter in your main fridge, this sizzle feature is extremely valuable. What’s great too is the variation in sizes that you can find. Often times you may run into a situation where a full cabinet cannot be installed because of the kitchen layout – these are perfect locations to install a wine fridge.

Pot filler

During the course of the week, you’re likely going to be cooking some type of noodle, potato, or have a need to add a little extra water to your recipe. Going back and forth doesn’t take too much time but the convenience of a pot filler over your stove is a sizzle feature you won’t see in many renovated houses. A few extra dollars for some piping, a valve, some extra hardware, and some labor, you’ll add a great feature that will make other wives jealous.

Undermount Sinks

If you’ve spent any time cooking in a kitchen, you know how easily your countertop gets wet. Between washing dishes, your hands, and rinsing fruit and vegetables, the counter easily gets wet and with a standard sink, the water just sits around the edges.

With an undermount sink, you can just swipe your hand or a rag across the counter and everything goes directly into the sink since there is no edge to the undermount. It’s super convenient and makes cleaning up so much easier.

Hidden Appliances

It’s essential for a kitchen to have appliances, but that doesn’t mean that these appliances have to be an eyesore. In fact, you might be able to completely conceal your kitchen appliances. It’s easy to hide something like a dishwasher or even your refrigerator within the cabinetry. There are many manufacturers that provide the capabilities to do this with your fridge as it cleans up the kitchen and gives it a really clean, modern look.

Range Hood

If hiding your fridge isn’t a top priority, you can stick with stainless steel appliances and add a nice range hood for ventilation. The microwave fans work for minor ventilation but if you do some serious cooking on a regular basis, a range hood can really make a kitchen pop.

Pullout Cabinets

When you’re improving your kitchen, one of the things you should think about it making the room more functional. The easier it is to cook in a kitchen, the better. Pullout cabinets aren’t a flashy upgrade, but they are a perk that a lot of buyers are going to appreciate months and years down the road. Not only do they help you from having to dig deep into the cabinet, but depending on what you buy, it can save space too. If you’re upgrading a kitchen, pullout cabinets are a great idea.

Warming Ovens

When you’re entertaining, it can be hard to time everything quickly. One dish might finish cooking before another dish is done. The solution to this problem is to add a warming oven to your kitchen. An item can be placed in the warming oven so that it will stay hot while other dishes finish cooking. This is an appealing upgrade to anyone that does a lot of cooking. Even if you won’t get a lot of use out of a warming oven, you should consider one if you’re planning on putting your house on the market soon.

Smart Technology

Smart Refrigerator internal cameraSmart features are still in their infancy but bringing some to the kitchen can make it feel cutting-edge. Obviously your budget is a huge factor but here a couple that are out today:

  • Smart coffee makers – Start your coffee and control the temperature for perfect drinkability right after it’s poured.
  • Smart crockpots – Have a meal prepped but would like to turn up the temperature while your at work to ensure its finished when you get home? Yeah, smart crockpots are a GREAT idea.
  • Smart microwaves – This may be a little further of a stretch, but with scan technology, smart microwaves can ensure your food is cooked perfectly without having to continually check it.
  • Smart ovens – on your way home and want to pre-heat the oven? Fire up your oven before leaving work or the grocery store and save yourself 15-20 minutes of waiting.
  • Smart refrigerators – The possibilities are going to be literally endless for a smart fridge.
  1. Fridge door tablet to add to your grocery list.
  2. Unsure if you’re out of milk, check your built-in camera to see how much is left before you buy another gallon.
  3. Eventually, technology will be sophisticated enough to have a grocery list programmed into the smart fridge and it’ll just order food for you to be delivered. Con-ven-ience.

If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, at least one of these should be an upgrade you should consider to add to sell your home fast in Columbus, Ohio. Make sure that your kitchen is an inviting room that has features that will stand out to buyers and you won’t be disappointed with a short, quick sale.

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