Furnace And AC Units: When To Replace Your System


Replacing a furnace or an air conditioner can be a big expense. It’s only natural that you wouldn’t want to replace your heating or cooling unit if repairs are sufficient. Still, it’s important to remember that no appliance is going to last forever. These are a few signs that your appliances are ready to be replaced. 


The System Is More Than 10 Years Old 

Both air conditioners and furnaces can last for more than 15 years. With that said, once your systems pass the 10-year mark, they’ll start to show some signs of age. You’ll want to keep replacements in the back of your mind if you’re using a system that’s more than a decade old. 

You can extend the lifespan of your system if you take great care of it, but you won’t be able to put off replacement forever. If you start thinking about replacements now, you’ll be ready when it’s time for you to make a decision. 


Your System Seems Highly Inefficient 

How high are your utility bills? If you feel like you’re spending far too much to heat and cool your home, then you might actually save money by replacing your system. An inefficient system will consume a lot more power than an efficient system would. In the long run, replacing the system could actually save you money. 

If you’re thinking about replacing your air conditioner, you might want to look at its SEER rating. A SEER rating stands for “”Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio” which measures the output of the system during different times of the year. If your system has a low rating during for peak seasons, it is going to be expensive to operate. If you’ve noticed that your system is less efficient than it used to be and your utility bills have steadily been increasing over time, this may help you decide whether or not a system should be replaced. Here is a brief video discussing this further:


You’ve Had To Deal With Regular Breakdowns

If your air conditioner or furnace has already broken down several times before, then the writing is already on the wall. You might be able to avoid replacing the system for a little while, but you’re not going to be able to avoid this forever. If you put off replacement for too long, you might wind up needing an emergency replacement which, because of the nature of an emergency, will cost more in labor for the installation. The likelihood that this happens during peak seak is pretty high as well.

Regular breakdowns aren’t normal, and they usually only happen when a system is in bad shape. This is a major red flag, and it’s something that might be costing you a lot of money. You need to be able to rely on your heating and cooling systems. If you can’t do that, then it’s time for a change.


You’ve Already Spent A Lot Of Money On Repairs

Similar to regular break downs, actually do the math and crunch some numbers so that you can see how much money you’ve spent on repairs over the last few years. From there, you should try to forecast how much you’ll spend in the next year if you don’t replace your system. You should compare than against the cost of replacement. 

A lot of people only focus on the cost of a replacement unit when they’re trying to decide what to do next. They don’t think about everything that they’re spending on repairs. If this is something you have been doing, you should think about what your repairs are actually costing you. 

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It’s A Struggle To Maintain A Comfortable Temperature In Your Home 

One of the biggest benefits to having a heating and cooling system in your home is that it gives you more control over your home’s temperature. When it’s hot out, you can use your air conditioner to keep your home nice and cool. When temperatures drop, your furnace will keep your home warm. 

If you haven’t been able to keep your home at a reasonable temperature, consistently, without the unit being on constantly, then your systems aren’t working as intended. You need a reliable heating and cooling system, and it’s possible that you might have to opt for a replacement system to get that. 

Are you selling your home in the near future?

People who are looking in Columbus to buy a home, because they are so busy, they don’t want to take the time and put the effort into repairs. They want the home to be in move-in ready condition so they only have to worry about one thing – moving in, and likely selling their previous home as well, which is stressful enough. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, do the math to see the value of your home before and after the unit is replaced. If your system is outdated, the sellers will likely want concessions at the closing table to account for replacing the heating and cooling unit(s), because of the already high cost of buying a house.


If you’ve been dealing with any of these issues or in the near future may be selling, then you might be due for a replacement. Whether you’re replacing your air conditioner, your furnace, or both systems, you’ll want to make sure you select a quality product. No matter what sort of replacement you settle on, you should aim to pick a system that will last for a long time.

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