If you would like to visit Westerville Ohio, this as a rich history. It is the perfect destination for those that are going through Ohio and would like to learn more about the Columbus area. You might even live in Westerville, and you are not sure about your own history. Here is a brief overview of this city located in both Franklin and Delaware counties which is a suburb of the city of Columbus. Let’s first take a look at the origins of the city, and then show you what you can find there today.

Westerville History

The history of this city begins with when it was first settled. This was by Europeans at the beginning of the 1800s. In the year 1818, Dutch settlers migrated from New York. There were many structures set up over time including the Methodist Church, a men’s seminary, and the building that would become Otterbein University. Once it was officially platted back in 1856, and subsequently incorporated, the census on the population was done totaling about 275 people. This is done throughout the Antebellum Era, a time when the Underground Railroad was operating.

Demographics Of Westerville Ohio

According to the U.S. Census back in 2010, there were just over 36,000 people living in Westerville. There were almost 14,000 households, and of the families that live there, most of which were predominantly white. The remaining portion of the racial makeup included African-Americans, Asians, Latinos and Hispanics. There is also a strong Native American background for some of the population. The median age of the people in the city is actually far above the typical average. People are 41 years of age. Less than 25% are under the age of 18. There are also far more females than males in this suburb.

Top Jobs In Westerville

The best jobs in the community include J.P. Morgan Chase, providing over 4600 people with jobs. From there, you have the Westerville City School District, and the Mount Carmel Health, both of which employee over 2200 people each. If you are thinking about moving into the community, there are many other large businesses that might have an opening for you. If you are a professor, Otterbein University might be a top choice. You can look at all of the businesses, and the listings for jobs online, before deciding to move into this community.

Top Attractions In Westerville

If you currently live in Westerville, or if you will be visiting, there are several attractions that you can see. There is the Millstone Creek Park, the Hoover Reservoir Park, and you can also visit the very beautiful Inniswood Metro Gardens which has outstanding reviews online. There are also many restaurants that you can frequent, plus many outdoor activities. For kids, there are the Room Escape Games that they can play, or you can visit the Good Vibes Winery if you would like to see one of the local vineyards. If you happen to be from out of the area, there are a few ways that you can save money on your trip.

How To Plan Your Trip If You Are From Out Of Town

If you are only passing through, you should consider booking everything online. This will save you money on your hotel. If you are flying into Columbus, it’s just a short drive away. You may even end up staying there for a few days to visit. If you have not been to Ohio before, this is a great place to begin. You will have many things that you can do by yourself, or even with your family. Consider visiting Westerville, a suburb in the city of Columbus that has so much to offer.

Now that you know a little bit more about Westerville in Ohio, you may want to consider planning a trip there right away. If you have been to the city before, or if you currently live there right now, you have a better understanding of how this community came to be. Despite it’s very small origins with just a few hundred people, it has become one of the best destinations. It is an incredible city, one that you will certainly enjoy, in the beautiful state of Ohio.