Columbus, Ohio is a beautiful city with no shortage of things to do. It features a lovely German Village, great shopping, and plenty of great dining and culture. Columbus, Ohio is also home to some very popular celebrities.

Top 5 celebrities who call Columbus Ohio their home:

1. Simone Biles – Columbus Gymnast

Simone Biles is a world-class gymnast who won gold in the 2016 Olympic games. She was born in Columbus but her birth mother was unable to care for her, so she placed her in foster care and eventually Simone’s grandparents raised her in Columbus. Simone began gymnastics at the age of 6 and excelled quickly. She eventually won the world all-around competition 3 times! She qualified for the Rio Olympics and won a gold medal for the team event, the vault event, and the floor event. The Olympics brought Biles into stardom quickly. She has quickly become an advocate for women athletes and women in general.

2. Josh Radnor – Actor from Columbus

Josh Radnor was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1974. He was raised there by his parents and eventually attended Bexley High School. Radnor went on to attend Kenyon College, a liberal arts school in Gambier, Ohio. Radnor rose to fame when he was cast as the adorable and funny Ted on How I Met Your Mother. The sitcom quickly became a cult classic, enjoyed by many still today. Radnor also starred in many plays and now focuses on directing. His film, Liberal Arts, in which he starred and directed, is said to be based on his own time at college.

3. Guy Fieri – Famous Columbus Chef

Guy Fieri was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1968. At a young age, Fieri developed a love for food. He graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management. Fieri rose to fame in 2006 when he won the second season of The Next Food Network Star. After the contest, Fieri starred in the popular Food Network show, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It features Fieri driving around the country hitting up local restaurants and eateries. Fieri owns several restaurants throughout the country.

4. R. L. Stine – Horror Novelist from Bexley

Robert Lawrence Stine was born in Columbus, OH in 1943. He grew up in the suburb of Bexley. He began writing at the age of 9 and never stopped. He attended Ohio State University and graduated with a degree in English. Stine began his career by writing humorous books for kids. He began writing horror novels and is best known for his Goosebumps series. The Goosebumps series was wildly popular and even became a television show in the 1990s. One amazing thing about Stine is how popular his books continue to be. Kids love them as much today as they did 20 years ago. Recently, Jack Black and The Rock starred in a Goosebumps feature film. Stine even had a cameo in the movie.

5. Alana de la Garza – Actress

Alana de la Garza was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1976. Her father was Mexican-American and her mother was Irish-American. After winning a few local beauty pageants, Garza attended college and became a teacher specializing in special needs. She decided she wanted to become an actress and got a few small roles in some music videos and sitcoms. She didn’t rise to stardom until she was cast as Connie Rubirosa Law & Order. She got rave reviews on the series and even was nominated for awards for her performance. Garza continues to act and has been featured in some recent shows as well.

There are many famous people who were born in Columbus, Ohio. This list of 5 only scratches the surface. Columbus, Ohio is home to some of the most influential, smartest, and most talented celebrities, athletes, inventors, and intellectuals.